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SAFE PMT ® application-friendly parameterizing


Have access to unique customizing and choose between parameterization or free programming for your safety solution. The SafePMT SW-Tool, which was developed in practice, allows your safety experts to create a library of prevalidated safety applications tailored to your organization. With the SafePMT, you can define which parameters (protective grids, access doors available yes / no, limit values ​​for standstill monitoring or safely reduced speed, etc.) can be changed by commissioners, service specialists or maintenance personnel. For the respective machine type, you only have to select the safety application from your library and validate the changed parameters and you easily have the standard safety solution. Inadmissible manipulations are thereby excluded as well as too high visual threshold values ​​etc. The training into programming or into a specific surface is no longer necessary. Shortest service times are thereby guaranteed and fault sources eliminated.

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