SafePLC 3rd License - Software



programming software - license included

  • protective plug
  • command devices
  • sensors and control architecture
  • encoder configuration
  • modul management / device assignment
  • easy programming (continuous function chart)
  • network configuration
  • wiring diagram
  • block function
  • monitoring functions

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All major in safety engineering control devices and sensors such as push buttons, emergency stop, door contacts, two-hand switches, light grids, operating mode selector switch and limit switches, are available as preconfigured elements by icon. When inserting the terminal plan, these elements are associated with the module in the rack of the control architecture, with which it is physically connected.



For safe speed and / or position detection of the individual axes in the composite one or two sensors are required, depending on the safety category. To configure the sensor type and the technical data, as well as for the axle-resolution, a separate menu with many input and calculation tools is offered. Determining the correct input data is therefore possible without special training.



The individual modules (inputs / outputs and axis monitoring functions) are assigned to the sensors and the machine / system functions in accordance with the required performance level. There is for example in a three-dimensional movement of 3 connected drive axes per axis module for an x, y, z. For the safety monitoring, it is not important whether it is electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic drive technology.



The new programming interface SafePLC2 meets the demands of a modern programming interface and combines for the first time all series of our safety controllers with one another. The view of the programming interface can be customized for the needs of each user. A very extensive library of sensors & actuators is available for the user. These can be adapted and expanded to the requirements of the customer.



When using network-based safety controls the respective network types are displayed and diagnosed.



By configuring the safety controls and sensors & actuators a wiremap is automatically created. This can be exported to EPLAN.



Function block diagram oriented programming with logic elements. The monitoring functions can be linked together by logical operators. Velocities, accelerations and positions of several axes are monitored in relation to each other. The monitoring tasks can be distributed and documented very clearly in different pages.



From a library tested functional modules can already be acquired or own function modules defined, protected and saved for reuse.


Powerful functions for motion monitoring as velocity, standstill, range and direction monitoring, and emergency stop, target position and step measure monitoring are offered for selection. After selecting the functions can be parameterized context oriented directly.



Have access to unique customizing and choose between parameterization or free programming for your safety solution. The SafePMT SW-Tool, which was developed in practice, allows your safety experts to create a library of prevalidated safety applications tailored to your organization. With the SafePMT, you can define which parameters (protective grids, access doors available yes / no, limit values ​​for standstill monitoring or safely reduced speed, etc.) can be changed by commissioners, service specialists or maintenance personnel. For the respective machine type, you only have to select the safety application from your library and validate the changed parameters and you easily have the standard safety solution. Inadmissible manipulations are thereby excluded as well as too high visual threshold values ​​etc. The training into programming or into a specific surface is no longer necessary. Shortest service times are thereby guaranteed and fault sources eliminated.

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