SMX 11-2 compact safety control with Safe Motion (expanded encoder)



1 axis with 1 encoder

  • 14 digital inputs
  • 2 pulse generator outputs
  • 2 digital outputs relay
  • 2 digital outputs Low-Side
  • 2 digital outputs High-Side
  • 2 message outputs
  • 2 pulse outputs

Dimensions in mm (HxDxW): 100x115x67,5
 ATTENTION: Required accessories (s. Fig.)

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The device is freely programmable for the safe processing of emergency stop buttons, two - hand operation, light grids, operating mode selector switches etc. as well as drive - related safety functions.

For the peripheral connection, 14 safe inputs and 3 cut-off channels in the basic version are available, which can be expanded to max. 86 safe I / O´s.

For safe speed and / or position detection, 1-encoder solutions (inc.TTL / HTL, Sin / COS, Proxi-Sw.) and also 2-encoder solutions (eg Inc.-TTL or SSI and Inc.-HTL )are provided:

  • extensive library for preconfigured safety sensors and command devices
  • Full speed- and positionrelated safety functions for drive monitoring according to  DIN EN 61800-5-2:2014 are integrated in firmware
  • Parameterizable encoder interface for 2 x Incr-TTL / SIN-COS / SSI on the front panel and 1 x HTL or Proxi-SW via terminal connection
  • function block diagram oriented programming
  • 14 safe inputs, 3 working channels (1 of them safe relay output and 2 of them message outputs) are included in the basic unit
  • short circuit monitoring
  • Multiplying contacts or contact amplification by external contactors, in combination with integrated monitoring is possible
  • extensive diagnostic functions are integrated in FW
  • Coded status display via 7-segment front panel display and status LED´s
  • Quit / Start / Reset button can be operated on the front panel
  • Expandable to max. 86 safe I / O´s via integrated backplane bus (connector can be snapped into DIN rail)
  • Optional fieldbus interface (expansion module for ProfiBus/ProfiNet, DeviceNet)

To connect other extension modules to the base module, 3 of T-bus backplane connectors are necessary.



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